Embarc CEO and Co-Founder Imran Khan spoke with Crain’s earlier this year for their Forum on Education Loss. Read a selection of his conversation below:

Not many years ago, there was so much talk about education reform, school choice, charter schools. Then along came a pandemic. How has that reshaped the thinking around public education?

During the pandemic, we realized how deeply interconnected we are and how important it is to create solutions that support all of our young people. That is why we need to find solutions that are serving our public schools, where 90% of our (people of color) students are. Chicago Public Schools is 90% people of color in a city that’s 50% white. So if we want to create change that begins to even address the generations of racism and the systems of racism, then we need to ensure that we are working on dramatically empowering our public education system.

Read the full story, along with Crain’s full Forum on Education Loss, here.

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