Implementing data tools is one pillar of Embarc’s whole school model, which provides experiences, curriculum, and support for all students and adults in a school. By gathering feedback from students, educators, and school leaders, we can see where our model is most effective and where we can grow. As we share data with school partners, we create a community of improvement throughout an entire school. 

With one semester (and 6,000 individual student experiences!) done this year, here’s what we’re seeing in our data.

One of the biggest trends we’ve identified is how teachers are displaying more confidence and agency in leading experiences. Teachers began identifying opportunities for change within the experience – ways to encourage student reflection, moments for smoother logistics, ideas for increased interaction, and general ways to improve the experience. When combined with other mindset survey data showing an increase in teachers’ perceptions of themselves as experience leaders, we can see Embarc’s support enables educators to become better facilitators of experiential learning and stronger teachers across all subject areas.

Why is this important? After a decade of working in schools and measuring our impact, one of Embarc’s measures of long-term success is seeing an entire school community taking ownership in creating an experiential school. When we provide professional development and help execute experience days, our goal is to build educators’ strength and agency and empower them to become experiential leaders on their own. Embarc is setting a baseline so the genius of our teachers and schools can exceed it.

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