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Now is the time for bold, sustained action in our public education system.
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The converging forces of the global pandemic and the increasing fight for racial justice are pulling back the curtain on our failure to provide young people with the education they deserve. The challenge is even greater than before – as is the opportunity.

After a decade of working directly with young people, educators, families, communities, and leaders, Embarc is building a movement to create an education system rooted in a vision where young people are truly seen and believed in, relationships between adults, students, and their peers are strong, and young people have real-world learning experiences connecting them to communities so they can build the skills, mindsets, and agency to be successful in college, careers, and beyond. 

Educators across the country are looking for the resources and hands-on support to transform their schools. Embarc can address this growing demand not only through direct service to schools, but a collaborative movement with like-minded schools, leaders, and organizations. 

As a leader in the movement for experiential learning, we aspire to: 

  • Scale to meet massive, increasing demand and create experiential learning schools that work across networks, districts, cities, or states. 
  • Support meaningful, lasting change in each and every school we serve.
  • Amplify the voices of families, educators, and students in the movement, in part to ensure that experiential learning is funded at city, state, and federal levels in the same way as International Baccalaureate and STEM learning initiatives.
  • Shift norms in how student success is measured and how schools, teachers, and leadership are assessed.
  • Build the field by fostering a community of practice among schools and individual teachers
  • Collaborate with others already doing this work in Chicago and beyond.
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“Embarc has helped us realize that we don’t have to wait for the world to be different, we have to situate experiences in a way that elevates young people’s brilliance. This is how we will impact history.”
Dr. Maurice Swinney

Chief Education Officer, Chicago Public Schools

Imagine a Chicago where every student learns through experiences.
Every year, we would impact:




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