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We were founded by two classroom teachers working at Harper High School in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood.

“Embarc stands for Empowering Minds, Building Achievement and Reconnecting Communities.”

To the outside, Harper and Englewood have become symbols for Chicago's segregation, poverty and violence. But to the co-founders of Embarc, as well as countless public school teachers across the city, it's clear these young people are not symbols but individuals with unique sets of dreams and equally unique challenges. Embarc started as an idea to meet these challenges systematically using an experiential learning model, bringing together schools, communities, cultural institutions and the private sector to holistically dissolve the borders in our city and our minds. Beyond empowering young people to succeed, Embarc works to improve the social fabric of the city itself, bringing Chicago together with our model and action plan. In order to dismantle the fear and distance between us, we hope to replicate our vision in as many schools and communities as possible.

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        What started at Harper High as a classroom program has now spread throughout Chicago into 18 schools and will engage more than 850 students during the upcoming school year. Our programs are all teacher-driven, led by educators who know they need to put in overtime and special attention in order to narrow Chicago’s achievement gap. Want to get your school involved? Contact us.

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